Cold Storage Distribution

Cold Storage Distribution

When Cold Needs to be Cold Enough

When Cold Needs to be Cold Enough

We recognize that storing your products at the right temperature can be as critical as the manufacturing process itself.  Not all products can be stored at the same temperature, “cold” is not always “cold enough.”  From produce coolers to subzero ice cream freezers, American Refrigeration Company has you covered.  We take the time to understand your business’s needs and your product to provide the most appropriate solutions.

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Featured Project

Multinational Supermarket Chain

Multinational Supermarket Chain

Client’s Need/Challange

The population’s attraction to fresh food products means that critical temperatures and local distribution are more important than ever.  This increasing demand drove a key account to double in size.

Scpoe of Work

ARC provided the engineering, equipment, and expert installation for the original facility a decade ago, so it was no surprise when the client asked us to review options to meet the increased demand.

A new engine room serves as the heart of the operation feeding 16 new evaporators providing cooling for both cold storage and freezer operations.  The refrigeration system was sized not only to maintain the cold storage demand but also to support the additional load of the ripening rooms that helped to centralize distribution. 

New England weather can be so unpredictable, especially during the winter months.  To ensure the customer’s timeline was achieved, ARC’s design engineers produced detailed construction drawings that allowed for substantial offsite prefabrication, keeping the project on track despite adverse weather conditions.

Tangible Results for the Client

Operational performance was complemented by increased efficiencies gained by maximizing controls philosophies, installation of variable frequency drives on motors, and by putting waste heat to work on underfloor warming.


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