IIAR-6 For Dummies

Written by HCG Associates

February 24, 2021

Navigating the New Requirements

IIAR-6 establishes the minimum requirements for inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) applicable to closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems. 
Chapters 6 through 15 of IIAR-6 contain tables outlining “ITM Task Descriptions” and their suggested “Frequencies.”  Frequencies vary from “D” (Daily) to “10” (Ten years), which for the most part, are self-explanatory.
To better address the listed “ITM Task Descriptions,” they can be lumped into three (3) distinct categories:

  1. Daily Logs
  2. PMs
  3. Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Inspection Checklist (Formerly IIAR 109).

To illustrate, look at TABLE 6.1 (Compressor, Testing, and Maintenance Tasks). The table is separated into three (3) parts – Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance.  The first column is dedicated to “Screw” compressors, columns 2 and 3 are dedicated to “Reciprocating” and “Rotary Vane” compressors, respectively.  For “Screw” compressors rows, “a” through “i” (Inspection) indicate daily requirements to inspect things like Runtime hours, Suction Pressure, and Oil Temperature. Indeed, the best vehicle to check (record) this with would be an updated Daily Log. 
For “Screw” compressors, row “d” and “e” (Testing) indicates an “A” (Annual) requirement to test the “Low oil pressure cutout” and the “High liquid level cutout.”  These could be combined on a single developed PM to be done by Refrigeration Technicians or a qualified Contractor.
Items “r” and “s” under the “Inspection” section ask if the “Foundation is solid, in place, and free from evidence of deterioration” and “Visually inspect mounting bolts are in place,” respectively.  Neither of these items is included in the required Annual “Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Inspection Checklist” but could certainly be done simultaneously.  All required ITM items can be lumped into the three categories listed above, included on Daily Log, in a developed PM, or done congruently with the Annual “Ammonia Refrigeration Inspection Checklist.”

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