Your Ice Surface is Your Reputation

Your Ice Surface is Your Reputation

Planning new facilities or facility renovations with proven refrigeration innovations is critical to success in the early years and for long term system operation. ARC will work with you to plan your skating facility from top to bottom.

Catering to those demanding the highest standards, we work with each client to select the most appropriate rink chilling system, considering both the operational and financial needs.

Existing facilities select ARC for refrigeration upgrades to reduce operating costs, while also reaping the benefits in the form of incentives from their utility companies.

Many rink owners select ARC as their planned maintenance service provider to keep their facilities in top condition and respond quickly when service needs arise.

ARC has serviced more than 100 ice skating facilities throughout the Northeast and is an active member of NEISMA (North East Ice Skating Managers Association).


Contact ARC today by telephone at 978-474-4000 or by emailing us at to schedule an appointment with one of our ice rink refrigeration consultants to design your ice rink refrigeration system or to upgrade  your current rink system.

Featured Project

College Hockey Arena

College Hockey Arena

Client’s Need/Challange

Private College in New England looking to upgrade sub floor cooling for their Ice Arena as it was leaking due to age, resulting in performance inconsistencies, turned to ARC to solicit available options.


Scope of Work

American Refrigeration reviewed the current installation that utilized a brine heat transfer solution, carried through plastic piping, connected to carbon steel headers. While the installation was adequate, the mechanical connections present multiple leak points and require regular maintenance.

ARC proposed independent, completely enclosed, fusion-welded underfloor cooling and anti-freezing loops that would be tied directly to High-Density Polyethylene Headers. This installation would then be upgraded to replace the brine solution with glycol.


Tangible Results for the Client

As a result of the client’s extended season, the project kick-off was delayed, and therefore the window to upgrade the Ice Rink was shortened, adding to the already aggressive schedule. Despite the tight deadline and challenging piping run, ARC was able to satisfy the customer’s needs, turning over a perfect ice surface for the upcoming season.


The only company I swear by is ARC. They are honest, upfront, immediate response and no complicated billing. They are professional, follow through on all requests and will continue to treat you like you are their only customer. They are the best and most competitive overall. I appreciate everything you’ve done in the past and continue to do for my rink. The Rivers School

“The people at ARC are true professionals. They go above and beyond. The one thing I get is peace of mind.” Pilgrim Skating Arena Inc.

“ARC has consistently performed maintenance and repair of our compressor system here at the John A. Ryan Arena for many years. While their service is second to none, it is the partnership that truly makes their relationship with us a cut above the rest. They have worked very closely with us in helping us to maximize the performance of our equipment at the most cost effective manner. It is a pleasure to work with the office staff, management team and the service men in the field.” Ryan Arena

“On behalf of our two cancer patients and the rest of us on the tour of “Fenway on Ice”, I want to thank you for all of your effort in giving us a fantastic experience!” The NEISMA Team


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